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Simply Nutritious, Quick and Delicious

Jenna Smith, Extension Educator brings you helpful tips to make meals easy, healthy and tasty!

Smart Snacking

Someone recently told me that in an attempt to lose weight they would cut out all snacks. However, I had to warn them that this may not produce the results that they're hoping for. Some studies show that those people who include snacks in their day actually consume fewer calories than those who do not snack. Snacks help curb the appetite and therefore, help you to not overeat at mealtimes....

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Reusable Bags Can Be a Breeding Ground For Bacteria

Posted by Jenna Smith - Food Safety

The growing trend of using reusable cloth or plastic-lined bags to carry the groceries in is becoming increasingly popular. This "green" alternative to the plastic disposable grocery bags has many benefits. They're environmentally-friendly, sturdy enough to hold a gallon of milk plus other items, and some of them are even quite fashionable. But with the month of September being designated Natio...

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A Gluten-Free Diet is a Must for Some Individuals

Posted by Jenna Smith -

When walking through my local grocery store the other day I happened to find myself in a small section of gluten-free products. I was intrigued by the fact that these gluten-free products now had a specific aisle and section just for them. Just 10 years ago, gluten-free products were harder to find than a needle in a haystack. But gluten-free foods are on the rise and have had an annual sales i...

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