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Simply Nutritious, Quick and Delicious

Jenna Smith, Extension Educator brings you helpful tips to make meals easy, healthy and tasty!
Overnight Oats

Wake Up to Overnight Oats

We all know that oats are nutritious and good for our health. But for some, a bowl of hot oatmeal in the morning just doesn't sound appealing. Allow me to introduce you to the new craze: overnight oats! These uncooked oats are served cold with endless mix-in possibilities. It's a breakfast that sticks with you, fighting off morning hunger pains with its abundance of fiber and protein. And since...

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Corn Chowder

Stewing Over Soup

As the weather gets cooler and the days get shorter, the cravings of a warm bowl of soup get stronger. Of course, the same goes for bisque, chowder or stew. While your taste buds may not care, there is a difference between them. The word "soup" generally refers to ingredients, such as meat and vegetables, cooked in a large amount of liquid like broth or juice. Soups may be clear, like c...

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