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Jenna Smith, Extension Educator brings you helpful tips to make meals easy, healthy and tasty!
Mug Muffin

A Meal in a Mug

Everyone has their favorite mug, and on days that the mug is actually clean, it gets filled to the rim with coffee or tea. However, this favorite mug wants to be used for more than just a warm jolt in the morning. Microwave mug meals are the latest craze to hit the kitchen.

Microwave mug meals are ingredients put in a single mug that are cooked in the microwave. They are the perfect fix for those who are in a hurry or are looking for a controlled, single serving. Plus, college students living in dorm rooms with nothing more than a microwave to fix boxed mac and cheese are still able to enjoy the taste of home with a mug meal. It may surprise you that your microwave can do more than just heat up leftovers or frozen meals; it can actually produce quality cakes and perfectly poached eggs.

Start with a microwave-safe mug large enough to fit the ingredients. Some recipes will call for non-stick cooking spray to spray the inside of the mug. Also, note the power level that the recipe indicates, and assume its 100% power if not stated. Cooking time can vary greatly depending on your microwave and the width and depth of the mug. Read recipes carefully, and keep in mind the amount of ingredients that are added. If it calls for two tablespoons of oil, for instance, that's 240 calories and 28 grams of fat alone! Look for lower fat recipes, such as the one below, which eliminates the oil.

Mug recipes may include egg omelets, oatmeal, muffins, macaroni and cheese, lasagna, pizza, meatloaf, and various cakes, brownies and crisps. There's not a lot that you can't do in a mug! Try it today and you'll be hooked on microwave mug meals!

Banana Chocolate Mug Muffin (Printable PDF)

½ ripe banana

2 Tablespoons whole wheat flour

2 teaspoons unsweetened cocoa

1 packet sucralose or other artificial sweetener

½ teaspoon baking soda

2 Tablespoons skim milk

½ Tablespoon chocolate chips

Mash banana in mug. Pour flour, cocoa, sweetener, and baking soda over the top of the banana and mix together. Add milk and mix. Add in dark chocolate chips and mix again. Place in the microwave for 45 seconds to 1 minute. ENJOY!

Yield: 1 muffin (1 serving)

Nutrition Facts (per serving): 160 calories, 3.5 grams fat, 650 milligrams sodium, 32 grams carbohydrate, 5 grams fiber, 5 grams protein

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