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Flowers, Fruits, and Frass

Local and statewide information on a variety of current topics for home gardeners and market growers.
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Winged Termites vs. Winged Ants

Winged Ants Winged Termites Elbowed antennae Antennae not elbowed, beadlike Two pairs of wings of unequal length Two pairs of wings of equal length...

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Zimmerman Pine Moth

Dioryctria zimmermani Zimmerman Pine Moth Description: Zimmerman Pine Moth Larvae burrow into the trunk or branches, where larvae feeding kills off branches and leaders at the top of the tree. Larvae feeding causes sap/pitch filled with frass (orange specs) to ooze on trunks or at branch angles. Life cycle:...

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Frosty Rhubarb

Well,  after a historically warm March, spring showed up.  This week we've seen at least 3 nights with frost.  While we are nearing our average last frost date, more cold nights are possible.  Rhubarb is a popular early season crop.  It has vibrant color, acidic taste, and holds up well to cold.  In fact, it even requires a chilling winter period in order to produce in the following se...

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Brown Recluse

  Brown Recluse Description: Brown recluse spider bites are rare and only 90% of the are medically significant. They are no larger than a half of an inch. They make webs. Identify: The brown recluse has three pairs of eyes, uniformly colore...

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Wolf Spiders

Description: Commonly found but is not poisonous. The size varies because the females are larger than the males and live longer. They come out to feed on insects at night. They can have a painful bite.   How to tell the difference between wolf spider and...

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Soil temperature has been warming to around 60 degrees lately.  It's time to prepare for putting plants in the ground.  This season, consider increasing the number of crops you transplant.  There are a number of potential advantages to transplanting compared to direct seeding. These include: -reduced early pest pressure -healthier crop stands, sooner -planting flexibility...

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Sandy Mason Recommends Managing Tomato problems Now

Manage tomato problems now May 27, 2010 Sandra Mason Extension Educator, Horticulture Tomatoes continue to be the most popular vegetable grown in home gardens. As a testa...

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