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Flowers, Fruits, and Frass

Local and statewide information on a variety of current topics for home gardeners and market growers.
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Cold Damage on Tulip bulbs

Client came in with deformed tulips that were 5 years old Dave Robson diagnosis: While there isn't much info, I suspect it might be cold injury coupled with possibly a basal rot. If the bulbs are 5 years old, they may be ready to be removed and then replanted with new ones that are solid/clean....

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Sandra Bidner Plant Diagnoisis-Corn Speedwell

Weed Identification ( Corn Speedwell)

Master Gardeners submitted picture to be identified. >Michelle Wiesbrook DDDI Diagnosis: This is definitely some type of Veronica species. It looks like corn speedwell to me. >Michelle's  Recommendation: Corn speedwell is a winter annual. Hand pull or remove with a hoe before it develops seed. Premergent herbicides can be used in the fall to prevent this we...

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Lyn Dolan

Penny cress (Weed Identification)

Client sent in a picture of a volunteer plant in poppy seed to be identified. Dave Robson recommmendations: My best guess based on the picture is pennycress. Can't really tell if the seed pods are flat or rounded...but if the are flat, it may be pennycress.Most people consider it a weed, but dried flower arrangers like the stems. Best bet is pull it out. ...

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Crossandra leaf Annette Hancock

Frost Damage on Tropical Annuals

Master Gardenerbrought in Crossandra leaves last week with neucrotic (dead) blotches and purpling leaf and inquired on pesticide damage. Dave Robson Recommnedations were as follows: It looks more like cold injury, Kelly, than chemical injury. Plant is more tropical in nature and since it's young tissue, probably got some frost injury on it. Chemical injury would probably...

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Early Integrated Pest Managment

Integrated Pest Management Program University of Illinois Extension Horticulture Educator, Kelly Allsup, urges early scouting to ensure an effective integrated pest management program. Integrated pest management is a gardener's approach to treating garden pests and diseases by using multiple methods of control including cultural, mechanical, biological and chemical. The...

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