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Flowers, Fruits, and Frass

Local and statewide information on a variety of current topics for home gardeners and market growers.

Woodford County Open House Menu

Goat's Milk Chevre Cheese from Prairie Fruits Farm in Champaign Apple Cider Cider from Rockome Gardens Foods in Arcola Aronia Berry Muffins with Jam or Jelly Berries, jams, and jellies from Sunny Lane Aronia Farm in Eureka Meatballs with Tomato Sauce Beef from Herman Brock...

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Landscape Trends of 2014

Landscape Trends of 2014 How does one predict the landscape design trends of 2014? Well they look at some of the most popular trends of 2013. In the past the landscaping was a row of perennials or shrubs around the foundation of a house, some nice shade trees and lots of lush green lawn. In 2014, gardeners are seeking more from their landscape...

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Seeing Beauty in the Natural Cycle of Life

For Christmas, my father, asked me to pick out a piece of art from his studio to take home to add to my collection of all things "Karlton Allsup, the potter." I was conflicted between two pieces: one, a pristine turquoise and white plate that was perfectly symmetrical with not a flaw in sight; and another plate, with muted green, blue and gold coloring, brandishing odd adornments and bumpy and...

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Layer of Snow May Benefit some Plants

The snow-covered landscape and bitterly cold temperatures are leaving gardeners and homeowners wondering, "Are my plants faring better than me this winter?" Personally, this gardener has been fighting multiple colds, dry sinuses, dry skin and bone-chilling walks from my car to work. From my perspective, the plants are adapting to this winter season better than I am, because they have ad...

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Garden Schedule by Bill Davison

Garden Schedule Average last spring frost May 10 th . January-February Order seeds and garden supplies. Prepare lights and tools for starting seeds. Clean and maintain garden tools. March Frost seed white dutch clover in yard and garden paths where weeds...

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Home, Lawn and Garden Day 2014

Attending the 2014 Home, Lawn and Garden show can only compare in excitement to the sight of the first yellow of the daffodil. The excitement derived from nearing of warm sunny weather, the presence of lush green growth and blossoms of the coming spring. An excellent way to prepare for the upcoming spring is to attend the 12 th Annual Home, Lawn & Garden Day sponsored by Universit...

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Avoiding Garden Mistakes that Cost Big

Gardening Mistakes that Cost Big Horticulture Educator, Kelly Allsup, would like to share gardening tips that can potentially save you lots of money this spring. Do not try to growing grass under trees or in shady areas of your landscape. Generally lawns are seeded with a mix of Kentucky blue grass, fine fescue and rye grass each making contributions to the whole of the l...

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Problems with Oaks

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