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Flowers, Fruits, and Frass

Local and statewide information on a variety of current topics for home gardeners and market growers.
November 16 phaleonopsis pink Kelly Allsup

Phaleonopsis beautiful but picky

Phaleonopsis orchid flowers have awe-inspiring and long-lasting flowers that really make them an ideal gift. Look for a plant where not all the buds are open. This means you would have the maximum amount of time to enjoy the blooms. With a little affection, phaleonopsis (moth) orchid blooms can last 6-8 weeks and become a reblooming houseplant. Water: These orchids are called epiphytic...

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Nov  23 Oranges Jenna Brasch

Horticulture Trends for a Cheery holiday

Will stringing lights, making door wreaths and decorating the tree truly make you happier? For me, it brings out the nostalgia of childhood, my creative side and allows me to promote the use of horticulture during this season. Whether you are buying a live Christmas tree, poinsettias and phaleonopsis as gifts or harvesting from the outside and bringing in, let nature be your guide to st...

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brussell sprouts Bill Davison
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Eat Local this Thanksgiving Holiday

If you are a planner, you have most likely jotted down the dishes that you plan to cook and present to your family on Thanksgiving Day. Perhaps you are sticking with traditional favorites or trying something new to shake things up. My role in the family dinner is to help procure the ingredients. Last year, I challenged myself to buy mostly local ingredients for the big meal and I plan t...

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Sunburn damage on pumpkin Final
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Powdery Mildew on Pumpkins and other issues

Mohammed Babadoost, University of Illinois go to plant pathologist, says, "This year's processing pumpkin crop is the best it has been in the last two decades. " Babadoost attributes the success of the pumpkin crop to new varieties, more successful management of diseases like downy mildew and phytophtera by the growers and drought during the summer that does not favor some of these disease pres...

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Seven teams funded to provide University of Illinois research for Illinois communities


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