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Flowers, Fruits, and Frass

Local and statewide information on a variety of current topics for home gardeners and market growers.
Jan  18 Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flower Trends for 2019

It may be hard to predict what a bride will want for her wedding day, but is likely to include gorgeous flowers. Barn weddings with rustic materials have been popular for years, but floral designers are seeing a shift in 2019 towards a 1970s bohemian style, and an elegant industrial style. Here are some field reports on what brides are asking for this year. Color Pastel blooms h...

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Jan  11 Pulmonaria saccharata Allsup

Early Spring Bloomers

Posted by Kelly Allsup -

Even non-gardeners welcome the sight of early blooming perennials. Here are some early spring bloomers to look out for in the garden. Iberis semperverins , known as Candytuft, is a low-growing, mounded perennial that puts out numerous rounded tufts of flat white flowers, covering its slender evergreen foliage. These flowers make their appearance as early as March, and can be a s...

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HLGD 2019

Register Now for Home, Lawn and Garden Day by Brittnay Haag

Register NOW for Home, Lawn and Garden Day - a day of gardening fun and learning! BLOOMINGTON, Ill. – University of Illinois Extension McLean County Master Gardeners would like to invite you to their 17th annual Home, Lawn and Garden Day on Saturday, March 2 at Catholic High School in Bloomington. Home, Lawn and Garden Day is a day dedicated to garden fun! It is an idea...

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Terrarium Kelly Allsup final

Build a Terrarium during the Holidays

Terrariums a century-old trend of bringing nature inside during the winter, terrarium gardening has had a revival gardeners as of late and would make an excellent gift for the holidays. The invention of terrariums is attributed to English Botanist, Dr. Nathanial Ward. He used a closed bottle filled with tiny ferns and grasses growing in soil in order to observe a hummingbird moth chrysa...

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succulent wreath 2
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Handmade Succulent Wreaths as Gifts

Homemade gifts can be extra special during the holiday season. This season, give the gift of a succulent wreath. Succulent Wreath Supplies: wreath form, Spanish moss, paddle wire, straight pins, and several succulent cuttings Moisten a sheet of moss in a bucket. Place moss in a bucket, fill with water covering the moss, and give it time to completely soak...

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November 16 phaleonopsis pink Kelly Allsup

Phaleonopsis beautiful but picky

Phaleonopsis orchid flowers have awe-inspiring and long-lasting flowers that really make them an ideal gift. Look for a plant where not all the buds are open. This means you would have the maximum amount of time to enjoy the blooms. With a little affection, phaleonopsis (moth) orchid blooms can last 6-8 weeks and become a reblooming houseplant. Water: These orchids are called epiphytic...

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Nov  23 Oranges Jenna Brasch

Horticulture Trends for a Cheery holiday

Will stringing lights, making door wreaths and decorating the tree truly make you happier? For me, it brings out the nostalgia of childhood, my creative side and allows me to promote the use of horticulture during this season. Whether you are buying a live Christmas tree, poinsettias and phaleonopsis as gifts or harvesting from the outside and bringing in, let nature be your guide to st...

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