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Zimmerman Pine Moth

Dioryctria zimmermani

Zimmerman Pine Moth

Zimmerman Pine Moth Larvae burrow into the trunk or branches, where larvae feeding kills off branches and leaders at the top of the tree. Larvae feeding causes sap/pitch filled with frass (orange specs) to ooze on trunks or at branch angles.

Life cycle:

Adults emerge in late summer to mate and lay eggs on host trees. Larvae hatch in September and move into tree to overwinter. Mid to late spring, larvae begin to feed.


All pines, particularly Scotch and Austrian

Acts as a tip borer on Easter White Pine

How to control:

Early Detection-branches yellow and then dieback, prune out infected wood

Destroy Infested Trees

Home, Yard and Garden Pest Guide Recommendations:

Late Spring/when Saucer magnolia with pink buds use Permethrin trunk spray

Late Summer/when Panicle Hydrangea in bloom use Permethrin

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