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Winged Termites vs. Winged Ants

Winged Ants

Winged Termites

Elbowed antennae

Antennae not elbowed, beadlike

Two pairs of wings of unequal length

Two pairs of wings of equal length

Thin waist

Thick waist


Termites are a dreadful because they destroy wood structures and products. Termites live in communal nest. Illinois termites are subterranean (lives in the underground). They can attack a house from far away. Winged termites (primary reproductives) swarm from the colony to find a new home and begin to pair up and mate to build a new. However, the presence of swarmers may not mean there will defiantly be a new infestation because females must find moist soil or they will die.

Phil Nixon's recommendations:

Winged termites indicate that termites are close enough to the structure to attack. An infestation of the house should be verified by a pest management professional. The insect could be emerging from tree roots, fence posts, or other wood next to the house. They are attracted to white houses.

Home, Yard and Garden Pest Guide recommendations:

Non-chemical control consists of reducing soil to wood contact. Proper drying of crawl spaces and ventilation systems. Use treated wood when landscaping. Cedar and redwood mulches are somewhat resistant to termites.

Photo submitted by McLean County Master Gardener Penny Feehan

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I think Termites is really scary, it destroys everything in your house. you should termite treatment as soon as possible
by David James on Saturday 10/6/2012