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Heat and Drought Effects on Cucurbit Crops

The combination of record high temps and severe drought conditions have made the 2012 growing season particularly difficult for growers.  As we move into late summer harvests of heat loving cucurbit crops (e.g. cucumbers, melons, pumpkins, and squash) it is time to give some thought to how to maximize the quality of the fruit yields that are still out in the field.  University of Illinois Extension Specialist in Food Crops Dr. Mosbah Kushad has written a timely and informative piece in the latest editino of the 'Illinois Fruit and Vegetable News'.  He discusses when to harvest, post-harvest handling, curing, and storage for a variety of cucurbits.  Please find his article here -
As fruit and vegetable growers in Central Illinois, I would highly recommend subscribing to this online publication.   Pests, diseases, production information and more are all included.  Fins it online here and subscribe! -

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