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Loose Change

Random bits of information to add coins to your wallet and wealth to you life.
treasure map

HELP! I need a MAP to navigate prices!

Have you noticed that the prices of certain popular items are the same EVERYWHERE? They either never go on sale or when they do, everyone has them for the same price. It is enough to drive serious bargain hunters crazy. Related, but not quite the same, is trying to comparison shop for computers. No two retailers have the exact same equipment with the same amount of memory, speed, or storage spa...

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Paying Off Christmas Can Cost More Than You Think!

Posted by Pam Atkinson - debt

Paying off Christmas can cost you more than you think! Christmas is barely over and the bills are about to come rolling in. How much did you spend? I will admit that I spent more than I had planned, even though I had a spending plan in place. My biggest pitfall was Christmas dinner for 18- it was our first in our new home and I wanted everything to be perfect- from the...

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Welcome to Loose Change

Posted by Pam Atkinson -

Hi! I am Pam Atkinson and I am the Wallet Warrior. I am starting a campaign for wealth and I would like you to join me. No, this is not some get rich quick scheme or how to make lots of money from your home without doing much work. I am here to clue you in on the little things that may save you a few dollars or some cents. When added up, these small changes can add up to significant financial s...

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