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Loose Change

Random bits of information to add coins to your wallet and wealth to you life.

Welcome to Loose Change

Posted by Pam Atkinson -

Hi! I am Pam Atkinson and I am the Wallet Warrior. I am starting a campaign for wealth and I would like you to join me. No, this is not some get rich quick scheme or how to make lots of money from your home without doing much work. I am here to clue you in on the little things that may save you a few dollars or some cents. When added up, these small changes can add up to significant financial security.

I saw a joke on line recently that said wealth…it's just simple math. That is true- if you take care of the simple math in your lives, you can gain enough extra money to hire someone to do the hard math for you.

Financial stability is having enough resources to be able handle unexpected expenses in life, generally without having to resort to credit cards-although credit cards, used responsibly, can be a financial resource. The actual amount varies from financial expert to expert with some saying you can handle an expense of $400 to $1500 as being minimum. I believe that amount is different depending on your personal income, resources and lifestyles. Some may find a $50.00 expense sends them over the edge and others can handle thousands. No matter what dollar amount sends you over the edge financially, I want to help you get to the point where you feel you have a bit of breathing room and can work on all the other savings "musts", an emergency fund for living expenses if you must be off work, retirement, or college for your children. The list is as endless and personal as you are.

Like with any new project, it will take practice and baby steps to learn the necessary skills for you to become financially stable. That is where this blog comes in. Loose Change will be a collection of news, savings ideas, resources, stories from readers, and new skills that you can use to help yourself set goals and take the steps necessary to become financially stable. I would love to hear your comments, questions and stories- both successes and setbacks. We are human and are bound to have challenges as we travel this road together.

So fellow warriors… what is it you want to do financially this coming year? What do you want to know? Leave your thoughts and questions in the comments below and we can work on them together in coming blog posts.

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