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Credit Score, Credit Report – Meh, what’s the Difference?

One of the most common questions consumer economics educators receive about credit has to do with the difference between a credit score and a credit report. In some instances, both are used interchangeably and that has helped fuel the confusion. So, let's start by defining these terms: The difference...

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The Money Mentor Program in McLean County is Now Accepting Money Mentor Participants!

If you or someone you know are interested in receiving FREE, one-on-one financial mentorship, we have the program for you! Individuals who participated in the program made significant changes to their financial lives. This includes: (a) paying down debt, (b) saving money for family members in need, (c) developing budgets that worked well for them, (d) increasing contributions to retirement sav...

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Ads, Ads, Ads: Digital Advertising on Our Social Media Pages

There has been an important focus on digital advertising on social media platforms. For those of us who grew up prior to the advance we now see with technology and streaming services, we had to sit through all the commercials if we wanted to watch our favorite shows. Marketing strategies have changed to expand the reach and keep up with consumer behaviors. Additionally, we have seen a lot in th...

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Why does taking time off matters?

Many people look forward to taking time off to relax, explore, spend time with their loved ones, and gain more experiences. Summertime presents great opportunities to take a vacation with their friends or family. For some people, that means trips to visit new places or to see a friend who you haven't seen in years. These types of trips typically require planning that we (consumer econom...

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How Do You Save Money During the Summer?

Happy first day of summer! For those of us in the colder regions of the U.S., the warmer months present us with options we longed for during the winter, but how do we take advantage of the warm weather? What are some ways we can save over the summer? Check out local opportunities : If you are like me, you may miss some of the great events or opportunities that ar...

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Money Mentor Program in McLean County: Extended Deadline


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Fairs, Festivals, Food, Friends, and Fun: Tips for planning your local adventures

It is fair season! What are some of your favorite memories of the local or state fair? What are some money decisions you wish did not make at the fair? My family and I look forward to attending our local fairs and festivals each year. There are always fun and exciting activities in which to engage. Each year, milli...

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