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Commercial Agriculture

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Resources for the 2011 Growing Season

Check back often for the latest resources, news releases and information during the 2011 growing season.

News Releases

05/06/2011 Weed Management Reminders for a Wet Spring
Suggestions and cautions are outlined for effectively managing weeds in the face of a very wet spring.

05/06/2011 Replanting Corn: How to Control Plants from the Initial Planting
Farmers who need to replant corn may first need to control plants remaining from the first planting. Suggested herbicides are discussed.

04/28/2011 Applying anhydrous ammonia in wet soils
Wet soil conditions are causing concern for anhydrous ammonia application this spring, said Fabian Fernandez, University of Illinois Extension specialist in soil fertility and plant nutrition.

04/28/2011 Planting delay lengthens, decisions needed
As the planting delay lengthens, many growers are wondering if they should switch crops from corn to soybean, and if they should change corn hybrids from earlier to later ones.

04/27/2011 Perfect storm brewing for Fusarium Head Blight of wheat in southern Illinois
Continuing rainfall in southern Illinois has literally created the "perfect storm" for one of the most devastating diseases of wheat — Fusarium head blight (FHB or scab), said University of Illinois Extension plant pathologist Carl Bradley.

04/27/2011 Be on the lookout for biennial thistle
If you haven't noticed them yet, you soon will. Biennial thistles will become more evident along roadsides, rights-of-way, waste areas, and pastures in the next few weeks, said University of Illinois Extension crop systems educator Robert Bellm.

04/27/2011 Delays in weed control prior to planting pose challenges
Wet field conditions are doing more than delaying corn planting across much of Illinois; they are creating substantial growth of various weed species. Aaron Hager, University of Illinois Extension weed specialist, offers suggestions for improving the performance of preplant weed control tactics.

04/21/2011 Intense captures of black cutworm moths reported in Illinois
Don't be lulled into complacency when using transgenic hybrids this season and assume complete protection against intense populations of black cutworm, said University of Illinois Extension entomologist Mike Gray. A stormy April across much of Illinois has led to numerous reports of black cutworm moth captures in pheromone traps.

03/24/2011 Will corn following corn face issues in 2011?
The 2010 season was a disappointing one for corn growers in many parts of Illinois, said University of Illinois Extension agronomist Emerson Nafziger. With a statewide average yield of only 157 bushels per acre, just 4.2 bushels higher than the U.S. average, and the third-worst yield in the past decade, many Illinois producers are hoping for a more bountiful 2011


The Bulletin: pest management and crop development information for Illinois
The Bulletin provides timely information about pests and crops throughout Illinois. Our objective is to keep you informed about pest problems and crop development issues and to keep you current regarding the most effective, economic, and environmentally sound pest management strategies.

Pest Monitoring Network
Find out what's going on in your fields and the latest insect counts at the new Pest Monitoring Network.

Corn Nitrogen Rate Calculator
This web site provides a process to calculate economic return to N application with different nitrogen and corn prices and to find profitable N rates directly from recent N rate research data.

Illinois State Climatologist
This is the blog of the Illinois State Climatologist. The Illinois State Climatologist is a primary source for Illinois climate information and services.

University of Illinois Plant Clinic
The University of Illinois Plant Clinic has served as a clearinghouse for plant problems since 1976.