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4-H in McLean County

4-H in McLean County

Showing Livestock with the 4-H Program

The 4-H Livestock program engages youth in activities from identifying breeds, locating parts, raising healthy animals, to showing and judging different species.

Livestock projects are an excellent way to learn about raising, caring for and managing a variety of species. Livestock projects McLean County 4-H members can participate in include dogs, beef cattle, dairy cattle, goats, sheep, rabbits, swine, llamas, horses, and poultry! Youth age 8 and above may exhibit in live shows, or youth may exhibit a display in the animal science area.

Important Links for All Livestock Exhibitors:

Quality Assurance and Ethics Certification: Starting in 2013 all 4-H Youth enrolled in a livestock project area will be required to complete this online course (ONE TIME DURING THEIR 4-H CAREER) to participate in any 4-H livestock project area.

The Illinois State Fair showcases some of the best livestock in the country. Livestock for both open and junior events include: beef cattle, dairy cattle, draft horses, llamas, goats, sheet, swine, poultry, and rabbits. There is also a junior horse show and dog show. For more information on how to show livestock at the Illinois State Fair, please visit the state fair website and download the necessary premium books and entry forms.

State Fair Livestock Health Requirements

Country Fair Livestock Health Requirements: These requirements are also listed in the McLean County Fair and 4-H Show Book

Livestock Ownership Deadlines

It is extremely important that all McLean County Livestock Exhibitors (in Poultry, Rabbits, Swine, Sheep, Goats, Dairy Cattle, and Beef Cattle) remember that the Junior Show and the 4-H Show at the McLean County Fair have two SEPARATE registrations. To eligible in the McLean County 4-H Show, youth must register their livestock exhibits at To be eligible in the McLean County Fair Junior Show, youth must register their livestock exhibits at Entry in one show does NOT guarantee entry in the other.

Additional Documents for Livestock Exhibitors (Sorted by Species)

  • All Livestock-General Lease Form PDF
    In some cases youth are allowed to lease animals to show at the McLean County Fair. The decision regarding if leased animals are allowed at the fair is at the discretion of each Livestock Show Director. For more information see your specific species section of the fair book. If you are unsure if your livestock area allows leasing please contact the Extension Office. PLEASE NOTE: Horses have a SEPARATE Ownership/Lease Form, please go to the Horse Section below to download this form.

  • All Livestock-McLean County Pride Form Word
    In an effort to support the McLean County Livestock Industry, the McLean County Fair created and supports the McLean County Pride competition. Proof of eligibility for the competition is determined by registration certificate (presented at check-in) or by presenting this completed "Pride Eligibility Form"

  • Horse Program-Fair Exhibitor Packing List PDF
    Wondering what you should bring with you to the McLean County Fair? Attached you will find a tack and personal packing list to help your prepare.

  • Horse Program-General Information PDF
    The following documents contain general information about the McLean County Horse program. If you have questions about the horse program or horse fair entries please contact the horse superintendents at

  • Horse Program-H.O.R.S.E Education Committee Scholarship PDF
    A scholarship opportunity open to 4-H members enrolled in the McLean County 4-H Horse Program who is in their last year of 4-H eligibility and/or a senior in high school. Additional details and criteria can be found in the attached document.

  • Horse Program-McLean County Ownership and Lease Form PDF
    McLean County horse exhibitors are allowed to share-lease a horse. TWO "non-related" exhibitors can share-lease a horse. MORE THAN TWO exhibitors can share-lease a horse if they are siblings OR the lease is approved by the Horse Show Director. Only ONE ownership/lease form needs to be completed on a shared animal. County Ownership and Lease forms need to be one line at the Country Extension office by July 1 each year.

  • Horse Program-Pattern Books PDF
    These are the possible patterns for the McLean County Fair Horse Exhibitors. The final pattern book will be drawn during the week prior to fair and announced at check-in. The Horse Committee will be randomly drawing a pattern book each year, while excluding the previous 2 years from the drawing. Should any changes or corrections be needed, riders will be made aware as soon as possible.

  • Horse Program-State Horse Show Ownership/Lease Paperwork PDF
    In order for a 4-H member to exhibit at the Illinois State Fair Junior Horse Show, ownership and/or lease paperwork must be placed on file at the local University of Illinois Extension office when Extension staff sign the 4-H member's State Fair Junior Horse Show Entry form. Members MUST send their entry, ownership, and/or lease paperwork to the Illinois State Fair Entry Office by June 1 of the year exhibiting. This is NOT required if you are only exhibiting at the McLean County Fair.