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Emily Saddler
Extension Program Coordinator, 4-H Youth Development - STEAM
University of Illinois Extension
1615 Commerce Parkway
Bloomington, IL 61704
Phone: 309-663-8306
FAX: 309-663-8270

McLean & Woodford County STEAM in the Classroom

McLean & Woodford County STEAM in the Classroom

Spanish Resources

The Adventures of Herman: The autobiography of Squirmin' Herman the worm.

The Great Plant Escape: Help Detective Leplant and his partners Bud and Sprout unlock the amazing mysteries of plant life.

The Great Corn Adventure: Combines, Corndogs & Cows starring Zea Mays.

Let's Talk About Insects: All About Insects

A Walk in the Woods: Learn all about the wonders of nature by joining us for a walk in the woods!

Riding the Winds with Kalani: A Weather Adventure: This website is for K-2 students and teaches the concepts of temperature, clouds, precipitation and basic earth movements.

Dr. Arbor Talks Trees: Dr. Arbor teaches all about trees!

Secret Life of Trees: Learn all about the parts of a tree and why trees are important to us!

My First Garden: Learn how to plan, nurture and enjoy the benefits of a beautiful flower or vegetable garden.

Trees are Terrific: Travels with Pierre is designed to help young children (5–8 years of age) gain an appreciation of trees, observe trees in their every day lives and develop an interest in learning more about trees. It is intended for adults to work with children to explore the wonders of trees.

Watch Your Garden Grow: Your guide to choosing, growing, preparing and storing common vegetables.

Know Your World: Lessons and activities designed for 4th & 5th graders to learn about acid rain, global warming, water resources and other environmental topics.