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Educational Opportunities

Educational Opportunities

The links listed below were selected to give you information on valuable programs for further education in horticulture and gardening. As well as great learning experiences, these conferences are a terrific way to meet other gardeners and exchange information about Master Gardener activities. These events qualify for the annual educational update requirement to maintain active Master Gardener certification.

Online Training Modules


Taped Webinars

University of Illinois Extension

NCIPM (North Central IPM)


The Ohio State University

University of Minnesota Extension


Peoples Garden webinars (all free) all 1 hr

Online Classes

The Ohio State University


  • The Power of Pollinator (you must login after following this link) - The Power of Pollinators provides materials and resources to empower Extension Master Gardeners, Certified Volunteer Naturalists and others to teach about pollinators with three PowerPoint programs (including notes and resources). Contact: Denise Ellsworth (ellsworth.2@osu.edu) at The Ohio State University.

Oregon State University

Cornell University