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Connecting to Our Food Web

Dedicated to educational resources towards building and sustaining viable food webs and ecosystems
2017 GSFVC Social Media

Online registration now open for the 2017 Gateway Small Fruit & Vegetable Conference

Dear Small Fruit & Vegetable Growers: I hope you will mark your calendars for the upcoming 2017 Gateway Small Fruit and Vegetable Conference . This year, as in past years, we bring you an informative, practical, and up-to-date educational program to address the challenges of growing small fruit and vegetables commercially in Southern Illinois....

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065 Pieris japonica cv Shojo - Japanese Pieris

Welcome to My Jungle-February 2017

Winter is still with us but a number of winter interest plants are already brightening an otherwise sleeping garden. Winter blooming plants like witch hazel ( Hamamelis ), hellebore ( Helleborus ), mahonia ( Mahonia ), Japanese pieris ( Pieris ), and paperbush ( Edgeworthia ) are especially good at harking the coming of spring. If you are unfamiliar wi...

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