4-H Madison County

4-H Madison County

4-H is for all boys, girls, young men & women, ages 5-19 with activities & opportunities to meet new friends, develop interests & hobbies, increase self confidence, enjoy group activities, serve the community & much more!

Join the 4-H Revolution of Responsibility! Find out how others have made a difference in their community and see how you can make a difference by being a 4-H member too!

Click on the video and get the revolution started!

You can become involved in your community also! There are many 4-H clubs in Madison County that can help you. Check out the 4-H CLUBS link on the previous 4-H and Youth Homepage in the upper right corner for a complete list of clubs in the area.

4-H has many opportunities to offer youth. Get interested and become involved in all that 4-H can do for you!

Check out the 4-H program brought to you by U of I Extension. The following link is to the Illinois Clover which is the 4-H member handbook listing projects & helpful information.


Madison County 4-H Informational Brochure


Madison County 4-H Clubs: