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Sample Dispute Letter

Use the Sample Dispute Letter as a guide to write a dispute letter. You will need to fill in your own information.


Your Address
Today’s Date

Name of Credit Bureau
City, State, Zip code

Attention:  Consumer Relations

Re:  Credit Report Error

I obtained a copy of my credit report from your credit bureau.  I found the following errors:


  1. Alamo Health Clinic of Texas is not my employer.  I live in Illinois and have never been employed in Texas.  I want the information removed.
  2. Hometown Financial account #678 was not a charge-off.  It was paid in full on 06/21/2004.  I have enclosed a copy of the receipt from Hometown Financial.  Please examine the matter with Hometown Financial and correct the error in my credit report. 

Make this letter a permanent part of my credit report.  Please send me an updated copy of the report and note the items have been corrected.  I will consider 30 days a fair time to resolve the dispute.

If you have any questions about my request or the disputed credit information, I can be reached at (phone number.)

Thank you for your prompt attention.


Your name
Your address
Phone number

Encl:  A copy of my Credit Report with disputed items circled