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How Well Am I Managing Debt

Do the activity, “How Well Am I Managing Debt,” to see if you have too much debt.


This activity can be printed and completed by hand, or it can be completed online.
How Well Am I Managing Debt Select an Answer
Do I worry about paying my bills?
Do I pay only the minimum due on bills, rather than pay the full amount I owe?
Do I sometimes skip paying one bill to pay another?
Am I late making payments each month?
Am I getting calls from collectors about overdue bills?
Do I borrow (using loans, credit card, cash advances, paycheck loans) to pay monthly bills or living expenses?
Do I charge everyday items, like groceries, because I don't have the cash?
Do I buy so much on credit that the amount I owe never goes down?
Am I at or near the limit on my credit cards?
Do I "bounce" checks because I don't have enough money in my account?
Do I use savings to pay current bills?
Do I get turned down for a loan because my credit's bad?
Am I considering or using a debt consolidation loan?
Do I put off going to the doctor or dentist because I can't afford it?

How did you do?  The more times you answer YES to these questions, the more likely you are to have TOO MUCH DEBT!  You’ll want to think of ways you can control your spending to cut back on the amount of debt you have.