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Welcome to More for Your Money!

Having enough money to pay bills and everyday living expenses is always a challenge. That's why each decision you make about your money and how you spend or save it is so important.

The More for Your Money website can help you:

  • Think about and set personal spending goals
  • Know your income and expenses
  • Create a realistic and workable spending plan
  • Use credit wisely
  • Manage your debts
  • Save your money

The website contains information and activities to help you better understand your money and how to use it wisely. You will feel more in control of your money.

We want this website to be easy for you to use. Follow these helpful tips:

  • Start at the first module and work through each one.
  • Try out the different activities.
  • Print out worksheets if you want a copy.
  • When you enter numbers about your own personal situation, the data will be saved and available each time you visit the site.
  • Read the Privacy Policy to understand that your data is kept confidential.
  • If you answer the review after each module, the site will track the sections you have completed.

Use the "Contact Us" feature for any questions you have. A University of Illinois Extension Consumer and Family Economics Educator will respond to you with an answer.

As you work through the website, you can complete the activities online or print them out and finish them by hand.

When you finish each main section, there's a "It's Time to Review" feature. It gives you a chance to check what you have learned. Your participation is totally voluntary and will take approximately 5 minutes.

Your answers will remain completely anonymous. They will be kept confidential on a secure computer server which only the creators of this website can access. However, a summary of the responses of users of the website may be used to make the website better. The summary may also be shared with others who are interested in finding out whether a website is an effective learning method.

The risks of completing the "Review" do not go beyond those encountered in daily life. You may choose not to answers any of the questions in the "Review." You may also exit the "Review" at any time by closing the website.

If you have questions about the "Review," you may contact Evelyn Prasse by email at or phone at 815-395-5710. You may also contact the University of Illinois Instructional Review Board Office at or 217-333-2670.

Once again, remember that you can decide not to participate in the "Review" or stop your participation at any time without penalty.