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Where To Look for Unbiased Advice

Stock broker - man in suit.

You may decide to invest outside an employer-sponsored plan. First, become familiar with investment options. University of Illinois Extension’s web site, Plan Well, Retire Well: Your How-to Guide, includes information about investment strategies and choices.  

Some investment options like mutual fund companies offer helpful advice through booklets and newsletters. Keep in mind they want you to invest in their funds.

Beware if you invest through an investment adviser, stockbroker or financial planner.  They may earn a commission when you invest through them. They may or may not give you good investment advice that will help you reach your goals. Be sure to ask questions and understand the information they tell you.

Look for credentials such as CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP). This means the financial planner has studied investing, passed a national exam, and signed an ethics code. You can also look for Fee-Only financial planners. This means they do not sell any investment products and cannot receive any commission.