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Posted by Russel Higgins -

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with Family and Friends! (No turkeys were injured during or after the photo shoot!)...

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The end is practically in sight! Harvest was delayed with several mechanical breakdowns and the waiting for parts or expertise. But as of Friday, all the research portions of the remaining plots were harvested and Dave Lindgren is making short work of the remaining crops at the Center. The final soil samples have been pulled from three depths in our cover crop trialĀ  and are on their way to be ana...

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Fall soil tests

This past week we pulled soil samples from a nitrogen stabilizer study with an encapsulated nitrapyrin. One of the challenges of a fertilizer and fertilizer additives is collecting data that measures available soil nutrients at varying times of the growing season. It can and often is a labor intensive project. In the harvested field we are in today we have 10 treatments that have each been repl...

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November 1

Posted by Russel Higgins -

How many times have you finished, or almost finished harvest before Halloween? Not often, at least in my short term memory. The five year average for corn harvest was 69% compared to 94% recorded in the October 31st Illinois Weather and Crops Agricultural Summary. The soybean harvest is currently at 87%. Many of the soybean in southern Illinois that greened up with late season rains took some a...

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