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2013 NIARC Field Day

Corn root evaluations available at NIARC

Posted by Russel Higgins - Corn

Farmers attending the 2013 NIARC Agronomy program on July 10th can have corn roots washed and evaluated for damage from Western corn rootworm beetle feeding. Following the agronomy day meal, University of Illinois entomologist Dr. Mike Gray will host a general discussion allowing producers to assess their corn rootwom injury and learn about sustainable corn rootworm management....

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Wet weather can be good for some diseases

Posted by Russel Higgins - Weather

The current weather pattern is a boon for some diseases, insuring the Illinois plant clinic is going to have a busy summer. The clinic is now on YouTube, Check out Stephanie Porter and Suzanne Bissonnette as they visit about crop diseases they have isolated from 2013 samples received at the clinic.

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A time for boots

Posted by Russel Higgins - Weeds

Starting on Friday, .47, 1.45, .31, .96, .36 (so far); measurable rainfall on five consecutive days totaling 3.55 inches with more in the forecast. Crops are struggling in saturated soils but evaluations go on at the NIARC. Lisa Gonzini had to break out the tall boots to evaluate her herbicide applications in the weed control plots. We are adding a Corn rootworm root rating component to...

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Extension visitors

Posted by Russel Higgins -

Before the rain came (starting at 11 am on Friday, continuing through the weekend to a total near 2 inches as of 4 pm on Sunday) the NIARC had visitors from local Extension offices to learn what is happening on the Northern Illinois Agronomy Research Center. Our tour was shortened because of the ominous clouds, but it was a enjoyable day nonetheless. I'm looking forward to return visits from these...

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2013 Small grains meeting

Small Grains program a success

Posted by Russel Higgins -

It was a great evening for the Northern Illinois Small Grains Program on Thursday. Farmers attending the meeting, co-sponsored by the University of Illinois Extension, Illinois Wheat Association and the USDA Risk Management Association had the opportunity to tour variety trials and breeding programs of winter wheat and oats at the NIARC. At the early evening program Emerson Nafziger shared that th...

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Horseweed issues moving north

Posted by Russel Higgins - Weeds

Be on the lookout for weeds surviving glyphosate applications in your soybean. Horseweed, commonly called marestail in Illinois, has long been an issue in southern Illinois and for no-tillers across the state. Glyphosate resistant populations have been identified and are the cause for considerable headaches for growers who deal with this problematic weed. It appears northern Illinois is not immune...

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Sidedressing nitrogen

Finally, the planting season is over. We are taking advantage of favorable weather and sidedressing nitrogen on plots at the NIARC. Wheat and oat growers, the Northern Illinois small grains meeting is being held at the research center on Thursday (June 20th) evening at 5:30, Come join us....

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Hot weather on the way

I just returned from a week in California (because when this trip was planned we certainly would be finished planting and early herbicide applications would be done by the 1st) . I learned about the June gloom while in southern California, and even had the opportunity to tour the USS Iowa on the anniversary of D-day. But back in Illinois it appears that the warm weather that has...

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