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1-NIARC Field Day - weed closeups

Northern Illinois Palmer amaranth field day

Posted by Russel Higgins - Weeds

My commercial agriculture educator peers and I were planning a late growing season trip to Tennessee to learn how researchers are dealing with Palmer amaranth. The discovery of an established Palmer population in Kankakee County eliminated the need to travel. Instead, the Palmer came to us. Dr. Larry Steckel, Extension Weed Specialist from the University of Tennessee will be one of the speakers pr...

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Soybean maturity and planting date research

Posted by Russel Higgins -

Jake Vossenkemper, graduate research assistant in the Department of Crop Sciences at the University of Illinois shared preliminary findings on a three year research project evaluating yield effects from soybean maturity and planting date at the NIARC Agronomy Day. At the end of this growing season; two years of data will have been collected at our research center. The take home message from Jake's...

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July 10th Agronomy Day Program - Doug Maxwell

Weed resistance update from NIARC Agronomy Day

On July 10th at the NIARC Agronomy day, Doug Maxwell, principal research specialist from the University of Illinois Department of Crop Sciences shared weed control research underway at the research center. Attendees had the opportunity to view herbicide, herbicide combinations and programs effectiveness on the spectrum of northern Illinois weeds in both corn and soybean settings. A collection of p...

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Preparing for NIARC Agronomy Day!

Posted by Russel Higgins -

Lots of activity at the NIARC as we count the days to this weeks Agronomy program. After a tumultuous start we are are excited that the July weather is predicted to cooperate for our event. Your time is valuable and limited, so we have concentrated our summer agronomy program with a great lineup of University of Illinois specialists and researchers into a morning program. The July 10th...

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