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Harvest continues

Harvest activities continue at the Northern Illinois Agronomy Research Center, our latest planted and last soybean were harvested this week. Much of the yield data will require closer scrutiny before final release of the results, but here are a few preliminary impressions from the combine seat. At our location, even in a favorable weather year, our continuous corn appears to fall significantly...

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Killing frost?

Over the weekend the NIARC experienced a minimum recorded temperature of 31.6 degrees. We expect a temperature of 28 degrees or lower to kill the entire corn or soybean plant, but cool temperatures near 28 can injure or damage the upper leaves of plants. That is what we are observing on our late planted soybean at the NIARC. With funding from the Nutrient Research & Education C...

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Scouting weeds pre-harvest

Posted by Russel Higgins - Weeds

In a recent Bulletin article Dr. Aaron Hager, University of Illinois Weed specialist reminds farmers to be alert for amaranth or pigweed species in your fields. In his article Dr. Hager shared that identification of the various species becomes much more reliable when reproductive stru...

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