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Corn emergence

We are nearing the end of April when we would normally expect to see early planted corn emerging in northern Illinois. In my travels I have yet to see any corn that can be rowed from the road, despite being planted over two weeks ago. At the Northern Illinois Agronomy Research Center we have corn that has now been in the ground for three weeks in our date of planting study that we expect to emerge...

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Back in the field

Despite an overnight low that reached 25.6 degrees early this morning we are following the advice of Dr. Emerson Nafziger and returning to plant fields that are in suitable condition at the Northern Illinois Agronomy Research Center.  In a Bulletin article posted on April 22nd Emerson addressed the question of Planting into Cool Soils - Yes or No....

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Did I plant too early?

Did Northern Illinois farmers jump the gun? After several days of above average temperatures that allowed many to start planting,  the weather pattern has shifted dramatically. State climatologist Dr. Jim Angel has shared that in the near-future, the 6-10 and 8-14 day forecast indicate that colder-than-average conditions will prevail for the next two weeks. For precipitation, there is an increa...

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Planting underway in Northern Illinois

Powerful storms traversed Northern Illinois last week, limiting field operations, but reports of corn going into the ground in areas that missed the precipitation are trickling in. Most farmers will be anxious to start planting when field conditions now become suitable. We managed to plant our first corn at the Northern Illinois Agronomy Research Center on April 7th, earlier than our recommenda...

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