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Tracking nitrogen and Black cutworm

One of the studies underway at multiple locations in Illinois, including the Northern Illinois Agronomy Research Center, will track the nitrogen fertilizer applied at varied times (fall, early spring, at planting, sidedress) and from different sources (UAN and Anhydrous Ammonia). Soil samples are collected at 0-1 and 1-2 feet and analyzed for nitrogen content. To insure uniformity, NIARC research...

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NIARC fieldwork

We missed much of the rain that fell across northern Illinois last night allowing field activities to take place. In addition to several spring tillage operations, farm foreman Dave Lindgren applied nitrogen to plots that are expected to be planted to oats tomorrow. Research agronomist Greg Steckel and I flagged a crop rotation study. While the use of RTK and auto-steer have made planting research...

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