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Stretch of summer weather

Posted by Russel Higgins -

Several rain free days with seasonal temperatures have allowed us to wrap up our small grain projects at the NIARC. Wheat harvest is complete and delivered, our grain samples tested moderate to high in vomatoxins, 4 to nearly 10 parts per million. Yields from the wheat trials are available on the Variety testing website

Most farmers didn't realize the full benefit of the price rally for wheat once the quality and presence of vomatoxin was accounted for in grain samples. Dr. Fred Kolb, small grains breeder at the University of Illinois reminds farmers that despite this years challenges, wheat is still a good option for Illinois growers. A recent study conducted by Dr. Carl Bradley demonstrated that Fusarium head blight (Head scab) can be largely controlled by selecting winter wheat varieties with good resistance and the timely application of Prosaro or Caramba fungicides at  early flowering. (Feekes 10.5.1)

The oat trial harvest at our site will finish today. As we enter August we encourage farmers to visit corn and soybean fields to scout for mid-season diseases. Sudden death syndrome of soybean has been reported in Missouri, southern and west central Illinois. In northern Illinois corn fields, Northern corn leaf blight is easily found and Goss's wilt has been reported in several fields.

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