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Insect management in 2012

Posted by Russel Higgins - Corn

Visiting with producers over the winter months a question often discussed was "will applying a soil applied insecticide enhance the control of pests in my traited corn hybrids?" Most farmers have already decided on an insect control strategy for the 2012 growing season. That decision has been based on advice from agronomists, seedsmen, neighbors or individual economic risk concerns. Regardless of your 2012 plans, take the time to read Dr. Mike Gray's article on insect control technology.

Studies that took place at the NIARC in 2011 suggest that at moderate levels of rootworm feeding (as experienced at DeKalb in 2011) the addition of soil insecticides did not result in significantly greater yields for most rootworm Bt hybrids.

The entire On Target Report a summary of field crop insect management trials can be found here.

A personal observation from the research farm in 2011, while adult corn rootworm beetles were absent in most of Illinois, that certainly was not the case at the NIARC, especially late in the season.

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