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Machinery is moving!

Posted by Russel Higgins - Corn

With an unbelievable early March forecast for the week of March 12 (including temps in the 70's for midweek) coupled with several windy days many fields became dry enough for fertilizer or tillage operations. Is there an advantage for tillage this early in the season when we will almost certainly have a return to more "normal"  northern Illinois the soils before March ends? If you are using tillage to help control your winter annuals the answer is yes. For those who have already scouted their fields, Henbit and Common chickweed are off to a great start with the warmer the normal temperatures. If winter annuals are not present, avoid the temptation to perform "recreational" tillage passes just because you can, we are still weeks away from planting. Current soil temperatures at the 4" depth under bare soil are still below 40 degrees.

Curious how your yields compared to the County Average? That information can be found at the following NASS site;

Northern Illinois was well represented in the top 5 for both corn and soybean 2011 average yield by county.


  1. Carroll          63.1 bushels/acre
  2. Knox            61.2
  3. Jo Daviess    60.3
  4. Henry           60.0
  5. Woodford     59.9


  1. Woodford        186.5 bushels/acre
  2. DeKalb            183.8
  3. Carroll             183.3
  4. Stephenson     181.6
  5. Stark              181.2

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