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Planting fever

The last two days were spent on campus of the University of Illinois as agronomy research plans for the South farms and the outlying research centers (including the NIARC) were shared and finalized. I passed through the "Seed House" building and saw hundreds of seed packets individually packaged, sorted, and carefully ordered for planting. The distinctive smell in the building coupled with warm temperatures could easily induce planting fever. One could not help but be excited about the genetic potential that may arise from these seeds or the knowledge that will be gained from the studies in which they are planted. Corn or soybean were not being planted on the research farm this March 14th, But Dr. Fred Kolb's oats were going in the ground.

If you have picked up your seed, or will be soon I would encourage you to emulate the preparedness I witnessed in the Seed House. Sort and match your varieties so you are ready to roll when we start planting in northern Illinois.

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