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A March day!

Posted by Russel Higgins -

Now this is March! Cold and blustery, the measured low for the day was 36.1 degrees at 8 am at the NIARC.  We are using the day (with jackets) to finish calibration of planting and fertilizer application equipment. We are measuring the output of 32% UAN solution to insure accuracy in our 2012 fertilizer studies.

Today notwithstanding, just a reminder how warm this late winter/early spring has been. The following chart shows the average day we reach a soil temperature of 50 degrees at a depth of four inches. (Courtesy of the Illinois water survey). On March 25th our soil temperature at 4" under bare soil at 10 am was 56 degrees at the NIARC. Strictly on a soil temperature basis we are easily 30 to 40 days ahead of average.

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