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Frost in the morning, planting in the afternoon

I'm sure it has happened before, but I cannot remember planting after experiencing morning frosts. Our March 29 planted corn has a 1"coleoptile working its way to the soil surface. Our soil has crusted and the future seedlings would benefit greatly with some rainfall. Today we set stakes for our second planting date for corn (April 20th), it is of interest that there will be numerous corn acres planted in northern Illinois in advance of one of our "early" planting dates. Farmers who are burning down fields with mixtures including 2,4-D prior to corn and soybean planting are reminded of the required interval between application and planting in certain situations. In today's Bulletin article Dr. Aaron Hager reminded producers that some 2,4-D ester formulations (3.8 lb acid equivalent per gallon) allow preplant applications without a specified waiting interval between application and planting corn, while other formulations require a 7-day interval. Soybeans always require an interval, at least 7 days after application of 1 pint per acre (0.5 lb ae), and 15 to 30 days (the interval varies by product) after application of up to 2 pints per acre (1.0 lb ae). Some labels even limit tillage operations after application. This is a reminder to pay careful attention to label statements of any 2,4-D formulation used before crop planting.
Read Dr. Hagers article here

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