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Rain here and there, but not everywhere

Posted by Russel Higgins -

A weekend when we were almost guaranteed rain resulted in plenty of corn planting before some of Northern Illinois benefited from rainfall while other areas received little or none. One of my favorite days of the year, I had the privilege on Friday to attend the Illinois Extension Agriculture Association retiree's luncheon held in Oregon. This year a number of individuals who had served as County Agricultural agents and later educators were in attendance. As stories were shared among this select group I did a quick estimate and determined that I was surrounded by 300+ years of dedicated Extension service. If you have been involved in agriculture in northern Illinois you may have benefited from the wisdom of these gentlemen and the patience of their spouses. Kudos to their years of representing Illinois extension!

Dale Baird, Stan Eden, Al Pilch, Jim McCurdy, Jim Morrison, Jim Endress, George Swallow, Bob Hayward, Gary Bretthauer, Bill Whiteside

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