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Posted by Russel Higgins - Corn

Weather conditions have returned closer to "normal". This morning the NIARC soil temperature at 4" under bare soil registered 48.3 degrees Fahrenheit. The decrease in temperatures has slowed emergence in corn fields. Our early corn planted on March 29th emerged on Monday April 16th, an 18 day window. Despite the less than ideal soil temperature we are nearing the optimum time to plant corn in northern Illinois if field conditions permit, and producers should consider doing so. However, do not be fooled by the artificially dry appearance of some fields, the result of this week's high winds. Evaluate the fields plantability by checking the condition of the soil at the 1-3" depth. As many farmers have experienced, in most years you only get the opportunity to plant a field once (in the optimum time frame) and planting fields too wet and the resulting smearing or sidewall compaction is more yield robbing than a later planting date. As some of us get tied in knots as each calendar date passes, I would encourage you to remember last years later planting dates and the favorable yields most of us experienced in northern Illinois.

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