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Very little drying

Posted by Russel Higgins -

Trying to plant research plots in accordance with a calendar date can be a challenge. We are ready, the planter is ready, and the soil is not. Not much drying with a daytime high around 50 degrees. The first soybean planted at the NIARC may have to wait another day. Many growers in northern Illinois are using a soil applied herbicide on their soybean acres in 2012. For most, this is a change from a total post program that has been very effective prior to the emergence of resistant weeds. This week Dr. Aaron Hager shared some interesting thoughts on soil applied chemistries. "Simply applying a soil-residual herbicide to a field does not guarantee that the product will provide the desired level or duration of weed control. Many edaphic and environmental factors influence the level of weed control achieved by any particular soil-residual herbicide, depending on the herbicide, some factors can be even more important than others."
Dr. Hager's article in the Illinois Bulletin can be read in its entirety here

A new brochure by weed scientists from the University of Illinois, Southern Illinois University, and Western Illinois University and financially supported by the Illinois Soybean Association was recently published. The PDF of the brochure "Revisiting the Realm of Residuals" is available at

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