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And they call the wind ...

Posted by Russel Higgins -

I know there is a song that contains those words, but I cannot remember the remainder of the verses. Nonetheless we are thinking a few words of our own for the wind that is hampering our spraying and making plot work unpleasant. A very busy week at the NIARC. In addition to plots we planted for Dr. Emerson Nafziger and Dr. Forrest Troyer, a number of campus researchers were on hand for their projects. This week we had individuals from entomology, weeds, fertility, variety testing and diseases all on site at one time or another. The fertility researchers finally left left the NIARC after a two day project. Kristin Greer, Mike Alben, Chris Rudisill and Jeff Senffner collected soil samples and applied varying combinations and rates of fertilizer as part of Dr. Fabian Fernandez's 2012 research project in northern Illinois. We will keep you posted on their research project as the year progresses.

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