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Monday Monday, so good to me

Posted by Russel Higgins -

If you are of a certain age you may remember the opening lyrics to the Mama and Papas 1966 song. While some moisture was appreciated we are anxious to continue with planting activities. While the NIARC missed many of the weekend rains that traveled across northern Illinois we received 1+ inches Sunday night. A snapshot at the NIARC has our second planting from our corn date of planting (April 19th) study emerged. Our wheat is also heading, along with an estimated 87% of the Illinois winter wheat according to today's NASS report

Is this rapid maturation of the winter wheat crop a good thing? Dr. Emerson Nafziger shared his thoughts in the Bulletin. The crop has been stressed as evidenced by thinner leaves and a paler green color. In addition, the exposure of heads exposed or in the boot stage to 20 degree temperatures are a concern for the northern Illinois winter wheat crop. The article in its entirety can be read here.
Our first soybeans have emerged at the center.
Monday, Monday cant trust that day!

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