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Plot work continues

Posted by Russel Higgins -

Last evenings best performance may have been the Lightening "light" show courtesy of Mother Nature. The quick moving storm did not yield enough rain to keep us out of the field. Today at the NIARC soybean pre-emergence herbicides were applied in one study, 0-12 inch and 12-24 inch soil samples were collected prior to fertilizer applications in another study. Dr. Brian Diers soybean germplasm evaluation trials were also planted this afternoon. While staking out the location for the final date of planting in our corn study, I noticed our earliest planting corn is rebounding from earlier cold temperature damage to its leaves. A quick reminder to stay alert for Black cutworm damage came from an unexpected phone call. My brother shared that the Indian corn that he had started in his hothouse and transplanted in his garden had been "cut off at the soil line". I didn't get the chance to confirm my diagnosis but am fairly certain Black cutworm is the culprit. Be alert if you have high risk fields.

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