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Another productive day

Posted by Russel Higgins -

Good weather, good progress! The final three soybean studies were staked out today and I picked up our starter fertilizer for our final corn study to be planted. The end of planting is within sight! Our weeds researchers will be back tomorrow at the NIARC to apply herbicides to our V2 corn. Be cognizant of the growth stage of the corn and the weeds you are trying to control with your post herbicide applications. Dr. Aaron Hager has been receiving calls from across the state sharing incidents of herbicide injury to corn. Aaron posted the following article in today's Bulletin.

Before I finish, this past weekend my wife and I had the opportunity to attend the University of Illinois graduation ceremony. It was a very inspirational and exciting day to watch our future co-workers, leaders and scientists accept their diplomas. Congratulations to all the new graduates (including my daughter) and their parents!

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