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It's Friday

Posted by Russel Higgins -

At the NIARC we planted our last corn trial and will finish all planting in a few days. Today the plant diseases group was at Shabbona planting their study; also pre-emergent herbicides were evaluated at the V2 stage in our corn. Our trials are almost grass and Lambsquarter free. Our researchers have even suggested bringing more seeds of those weeds to plant for future years. No such problem with Giant ragweed, our most challenging weed. It continues to emerge and survive in several of our treatments. One study of interest this year is the return of a plot that was in Switchgrass for several years to corn and soybean production. We are looking at challenges producers may face if they attempt to bring acreage in perennial grasses back into production. The plot has received a glyphosate burn-down and is planted (in both corn and beans in 30"rows) but as the picture illustrates, the Switchgrass is far from dead. We will keep you abreast on what we learn from this study.

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