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No one wants to mention the d word

Posted by Russel Higgins -

Most in northern Illinois are hoping the rain that is forecast early next week materializes. It is too early to suggest a drought but it is apparent as I performed a "windshield survey" in today's travels that we are moving closer to that status. I noticed corn that was starting to wrap, granted it was in the headland and may have been exacerbated by compaction, but all would appreciate a timely rain to put this discussion aside. Fridays activities at the NIARC included spraying post herbicide applications on our soybean trials. Our plan was to spray the soybean at the V5 stage or when the weeds reached 4". The soybean is only V2 but we have 4" weeds forcing us to spray earlier than intended. When estimating weed heights, be realistic in your estimations; perhaps carry a yardstick in the truck. Many of us have tended to stretch those limits when using glyphosate products, but recent issues with resistance encourages us to follow the labeled  maximum weed height recommendations closely.

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