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Windshield survey

Posted by Russel Higgins -

Like any good agriculturist I enjoy traveling through rural areas and crop scouting via the "windshield method". While we certainly do not condone such scouting as accurate enough to apply economic thresholds, it does make driving more enjoyable. Today I noticed an abnormal number of insects bouncing off my windshield. One of the unlucky beetles was ensnared on my windshield wiper which allowed me to do an "insect identification" on the go! I was reducing the population of Japanese beetle in northern Illinois, this should serve as a reminder for those scouting to watch for this beetle that both defoliates and clips silks. We are sprucing up the NIARC for our first field day of the year. Tomorrow evening at 5:30 pm we are hosting the Northern Illinois small grains meeting, come join us if you can. Whether we get rain in the next few days or not, at least one of our plots will have plants that will not be under moisture stress. Our white mold study crew installed the irrigation system for that study in an attempt to create conditions conducive for that disease.

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