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Great evening for NIARC tour

Posted by Russel Higgins -

Mother nature did not supply the moisture that would be beneficial but she did provide a beautiful evening for a field tour at the NIARC. Several campus specialists joined us at the Northern Illinois small grains meeting to share their insight into the growing season as it related to small grains. Dr. Emerson Nafziger shared that weather that is not necessarily good for corn and soybean, a dry May and June, is good for the wheat crop. Expectations are high for the winter wheat variety trial yields at the NIARC. The variety plots are expected to be harvested next week. Unfortunately, the hot and dry has had a detrimental effect on the oat crops. Dr. Fred Kolb, a small grains breeder at the University of Illinois shared that despite an almost perfect beginning for the 2012 oat crop, the hot and dry weather as it nears maturity have had an adverse effect on its yield potential. Extreme highs in the 90's coupled with dry weather have hastened the senescence and caused "blasting" in the oat panicles. The oats are expected to be harvested comparatively early (before July 4th), yield data will be shared at a future time.

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