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An almost perfect day

Posted by Russel Higgins -

I have participated in Field Days where it was too hot, cold, windy, or not enough of a breeze. But yesterday there were no such complaints at the NIARC. A crowd of over 100 individuals attended the morning program to hear University of Illinois Specialists share their expertise on topics ranging from entomology, weed control and agronomy. I'll be sharing comments made at the event in upcoming days. Dr. Carl Bradley, University of Illinois plant pathologist was asked if fungicide applications would benefit the drought stressed corn crop (an interesting question as spray planes could be heard in the distance). Carl shared that his research with the strobilurin fungicides, even with the absence of measurable disease, a yield increase was found with a fungicide application 23% of the time. The potential for a measurable yield increase and an economic return is much greater when disease is present in the crop. Because of the weather patterns we have been experiencing in northern Illinois (hot and dry weather is detrimental to most corn and soybean fungal diseases) 2012, at least to date, has been a non-disease year.

Why was it not a perfect day? It would have been a perfect day if it rained 1+ inches AFTER the Field Day was over!

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