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Isaac runs out of steam

Posted by Russel Higgins -

Hurricane/Tropical storm Isaac was disastrous for Louisiana, delayed harvest in southern states, and brought substantial rain to southern and central Illinois. But for most of northern Illinois, Isaac brought minimal if any rain over the Labor Day weekend. Several producers had suggested this may be the time to start harvest and I noted several fields had indeed been harvested over the weekend. As harvest starts to ramp up, a reminder not only to non-farmers, but also farmers of the dangers of farm equipment on the road. This morning I spent some time behind a sizable grain cart on the road. The driver eventually found a suitable stretch and allowed me to pass, but as I drove behind the grain cart I could only imagine how hard it was for the driver to know he/she was being followed and was struck by the size of the equipment rolling down the road at 20+ mph. Sharing the road requires a conscious effort and courtesy by the drivers of cars and farm equipment! Have a safe harvest!!

Greg Steckel, research agronomist at the NIARC and I continued our pre-harvest yield evaluation of plots at the NIARC. The previously mentioned variability within the field makes the task a challenge. Greg is holding three ears with a range of 82 to 196 aborted kernels per ear.

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