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Green beans

Posted by Russel Higgins - Soybeans

It appears many producers are swinging from corn harvest to soybean harvest in northern Illinois. Despite the green appearance of some beans, either the entire field, or sections, some producers are finding soybeans that are 11% moisture or lower. Why are the beans still green while having mature dry seed? Dr. Emerson Nafziger addressed this issue in the September 21st issue of the Bulletin.

Paraphrasing Dr. Nafziger, we think it occurs when seeds stop taking up sugars and nitrogen before the soybean crop is allowed to mature normally, stems and petioles continue to photosynthesize, but the sugars have no where to go. Very similar to corn that has had the ear removed and in the absence of the grain sink the stalk and remaining leaves turn red.

Read Emerson's article in its entirety here.

Today I had the opportunity to participate in an Illinois Soybean Association Challenge plot harvest in southern DeKalb County. To my mild surprise, four 2+ acre treatments were harvested, weighed and exceeded 60 bushel per acre! I may have to rework some of my yield estimates!

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